Programmatic Untangled | Conversations with educators and subject matter experts in the digital marketing realm

Have you ever wondered how ads make it to your favorite websites? What about those ads that seem as if they were customized to your specific interests? Welcome to New Marketing Institute’s very first podcast, Programmatic Untangled. This is where we discuss MediaMath’s key to unlocking audiences and NMI’s mission to educate, empower and engage marketers. Advertising has changed drastically since the advent of the Internet - not only in the way that consumers see advertisements and interact with brands, but also in how media is bought and sold. In just a few years, the media buying and audience management process has evolved exponentially: what used to be done over the phone is now accomplished in milliseconds via smart technology. Such a shift has changed the way advertisers and agencies manage and execute their digital marketing campaigns and has created a new niche within the space: advertising technology (a.k.a. ad tech). Yet the change from traditional media to digital requires a completely new skill set for marketers, who need to understand these changes and why they matter. In this podcast series we will tackle digital advertising’s most talked-about topics: programmatic education, big data, header bidding, and much, much more. We will release episodes on the last Friday of every month and will feature subject matter experts from a variety of backgrounds in the digital marketing realm. Join us as we untangle the mysteries of the ad tech industry together!
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Programmatic Untangled | Conversations with educators and subject matter experts in the digital marketing realm


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Jul 28, 2017

Alice Lincoln is the VP of Data Policy Governance at Media Math and has 15 years of experience in digital marketing, data product development and the protection of consumer privacy. In our conversation, we speak about the importance of protecting consumers privacy and data in an ever-growing technologically dependent world and the responsibility that tech companies and other industry groups should have to educate, inform, and be transparent on how consumers data is being collected and used.

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